adam minors personal training

I have a broad knowledge of resistance training and nutrition that spans over 20 years, allowing me to guide you through all the myths, fads and facts, to get you great results. I can take you from where you are to where you want to be in the safest and most effective way to get fast results and lasting changes.



So what do we do!

Assist you in ever way possible to achieve the results you want, in a safe and secure way. Guide you through the technical stuff and assist you in every part of the training and nutrition processes, so that together we can breakdown the obstacles and get you to your goals.

Client referrals

10% Discount of for all client referrals

Discounts on one to one and group services for clients that refer their

friends, family or collegues to AMPT services.

Next Events

26 April, 2014

  • h.12.00-h.13.00


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26 April, 2014

  • h.12.00-h.13.00


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