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About Us

So what do we do!

Basically whatever is needed to get you from where you are,
to where you want to be, as quickly as possible. Also safely and with as much help and guidance as you need throughout the whole of the process.

a bit about me

Adam Minors

Fully qualified and insured level 4 Obesity and Diabetes Specialist/Personal Trainer.

Having a broad knowledge of fitness and training spanning over 20 years, trying all different types of training methods for both resistance training and cardio conditioning, you could say I have quite a passion for it.

It has served me well in my life to be fit and active and try to eat a healthy and balanced diet and I strive to pass this wealth of knowledge on to each and every client I have the privilege to work with.

I form a partnership with the clients I have and will give them as much information and knowledge that they require to achieve their own individual goals.

I can assist you regardless of your prior knowledge or experience and show you that it’s really not that hard to see the results you desire in a fun, fast and safe way.

Contact me, you’re worth it!

Varied Training

We cover a wide range and style of training all focused on your specific needs and goals.

Resistance training, bodyweight, bands and weights

Cardiovascular training, HIIT (High intensity interval training), Circuits and more

Exercise design for specialist population

Training people with diabetes and/or obesity

Kettlebells, Spinning, outdoor training

At your own home, outside or online

Basically whatever you need, wherever you need it and wherever you are!


Fitness Instructor (Level 2)

Personal Trainer (Level 3)

GP Exercise Referral (Level 3)

Diabetes and Obesity Specialist (Level 4)


Spinning Instructor


Boot Camp Instructor

Sport Specific Trainer

Pilates Trainer

Muay Thai Fitness Instructor

Post Natal Diet and Exercise

Child Weight Management

First Aid


Diabetes and Obesity Specialist.

Clinical weight loss Specialist.

Nutritional Therapist.

Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor









Special Offers

  • One to One

    £30.00 per session or discount price of £300 for 12 pre booked sessions (£25.00 per session)

  • Group Training

    £50.00 per session or discount price of £540 for 12 pre booked sessions (£45.00 per session) MAX of 3 people

  • Online Training

    The more months you book in advance the bigger the discounts!