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Moderation! Balance! Consistency! How do you know what is enough or not?

So where do you start with it all? How do you balance it all and get into the right mindset and flow with it all? It is all about staying away from the extremes, like nutrition go to one extreme and you will be more likely to become overweight or obese, the other extreme is underweight or malnourished so the balance would be in the middle, and that is only what you see externally there is so much more going on internally that you may not be...



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We all look for it, but where do we truly find that freedom? That all depends on what it means to you individually i guess.

For some this is financial freedom and the choice that it brings, for others its more of an emotional freedom and the value that brings to the individual. Then there are those that feel that freedom comes from travelling and not being tied to a building or specific place, it all comes down to the view of the person and what is important to them and makes them feel free.

What would make...



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So stretching what is the big deal and do you need to do it?

The question should really be, do you want to stay active and mobile, if the answer is yes then you should really be stretching, not only does it keep you supple, but also lengthens your muscles so they not only look and feel better, but if you lift weights you should be stretching as it is this that enables you muscles to grow properly.

Not to mention it will help no end with your flexibility and mobility, there are a variety of different stretches...



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So you want to lift weights, but do not want to look like a bodybuilder. If i had a pound for every time i heard this (would have quite a few pounds by now)

This is just not true and so far from the truth and what actually happens, also misguided and detrimental to the whole training process it needs to be addressed i feel.

If you are going for overall fat loss, weights are so beneficial to this not only will it speed up your metabolism overall but you will also burn more calories pound for pound in...



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Have you ever really asked yourself this question? Do you really know the answer, deep down? It is a difficult question to answer, honestly and truly. Are you the person you think you are? Do other people see you as the person that you believe yourself to be?
Does any of this really bother you or matter to you? I think that it all depends on your perspective and view on things, I know it did not bother me for a long time as I never really stopped to think it through on any deeper level than “yeah I...



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