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Have you ever really asked yourself this question? Do you really know the answer, deep down? It is a difficult question to answer, honestly and truly. Are you the person you think you are? Do other people see you as the person that you believe yourself to be?
Does any of this really bother you or matter to you? I think that it all depends on your perspective and view on things, I know it did not bother me for a long time as I never really stopped to think it through on any deeper level than “yeah I am fine”.

Now I have come to realise that the more you think of yourself the better your life is, it is all down to the power of positive thinking and again to perspective and how you view things. If you believe in yourself you can achieve anything in your life as you will always look for the positive in every situation, and that has got to be a good thing, right? Well what is the alternative being negative and attracting all the negative emotions and vibes that go with that, and who wants that?
It will not happen overnight but if you take steps to change things one at a time it will happen and your life will improve no end, and the great thing is the more you change the better it become and the happier you will be, it is like a snowball the momentum builds the more you do. Just like exercise where at first it is a struggle to do, but the more you do it the easier it becomes and so the more you can then do. Also the more you do the more energy you have and so the snowball gets bigger and you can achieve more.

It all starts with that first step, so get up look in the mirror and tell yourself today is the day, one step at a time change the person looking back at you for the best person that you can be. The sooner you start the sooner you will get there, you just have to want it bad enough, so what are you waiting for no time like the present, just do it!




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