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So you want to lift weights, but do not want to look like a bodybuilder. If i had a pound for every time i heard this (would have quite a few pounds by now)

This is just not true and so far from the truth and what actually happens, also misguided and detrimental to the whole training process it needs to be addressed i feel.

If you are going for overall fat loss, weights are so beneficial to this not only will it speed up your metabolism overall but you will also burn more calories pound for pound in the long run, both during and after exercise which will thus speed up the process and get you to your goals a lot faster that cardio alone.

In addition to that big plus it also defines your shape and improves your posture and the way that you carry yourself. From a chemical point of view you need testosterone to build muscle to any size and as a woman you do not produce enough of this to gain a large amount of muscle growth and look large in muscular size. You do however need to lift weights with the correct form and technique to help to reduce any injuries to yourself, so it is better to be guided correctly from the start so you know the correct way from the outset rather than start badly and try to unlearn a bad technique.

So what are you waiting for its all positive, so get out there and learn how to lift and be the best you possible




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