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Whether you would like a brief outline of what to eat or a much more detailed plan with what to eat and when to eat it, AMPT has got you covered. This is the cornerstone to any fitness plan and should be given a lot of thought and planning on the right types of foods to eat to get you to your goals.

One to One Training

Training is a building block of a healthy lifestyle, and should be thought out and planned! So you have tried the fad diets and exercise plans and still look the same months down the line? You need to shake it up and start to see some progress, thats where we come in, with the motivation and guidance to get you to your goal safely and quickly, with life changing results

Online Training

Don,t have time to take a regular weekly session? No problem, sign up to online training and do it at a time to suit you, with progress charts and nutrition plans at your fingertips. Also with my support and back up every step of the way. Wherever or whenever suits you. Contact me, You're worth it!

Group Training

If you don’t like training alone that’s not a problem, get your friends and family involved and see what a difference you can all make together with a group session, for up to 3 people who all want to make that change and get a better lifestyle. This type of training is specific to the group and can be varied in a number of ways.


Special Offers

  • One to One

    £30.00 per session or discount price of £300 for 12 pre booked sessions (£25.00 per session)

  • Group Training

    £50.00 per session or discount price of £540 for 12 pre booked sessions (£45.00 per session) MAX of 3 people

  • Online Training

    The more months you book in advance the bigger the discounts!